Adding intelligence

Over the years, we have invested into in-house expertise. Nowadays, we are proud of being able to say that we have exceptionally comprehensive knowhow and capacity in paper finishing automation. A high level of automation not only adds to efficiency, but significantly improves safety, too. Our solutions comprise:

  • Application of all common PLCs
  • Link to MES
  • Raumaster Roll Tracking System (RRTS)
  • Raumaster Warehouse Management System (RWMS)
  • Life cycle partnership
  • Remote system control
  • IoT data mining systems

Project engineering

Our solutions are always tailor-made to suite our customers’ specific demands with the desired grade of automation. Project engineering is done entirely in-house and systems are always FAT-tested prior to delivery. We offer:

  • electrical engineering
  • electrical installation
  • installation supervision
  • automation programming
  • factory acceptance tests
  • commissioning
  • training and mentoring

Operator-friendly user interfaces

Raumaster Paper interfaces are user-friendly and highly adaptable providing modern touch screens and a clear design. Our clients have praised the exceptional diagnostics providing valuable troubleshooting information. Our automation enables seamless communication with the mill system, eg. production and maintenance. Our product pages contain more information on our user interfaces.

Our products