Storage & Mastergrip Solutions

The Mastergrip carries rolls in sets, resulting in significant increase in handling capacity.

Sophisticated warehousing with RWMS

Raumaster Paper offers fully automated state-of-the-art warehouse systems covering everything from the roll arriving into the storage until automatic truck loading. The core elements of our modern storage solutions are our patented Mastergrip® roll crane and the flexible Raumaster Paper Warehouse Management System RWMS. Combined with our sophisticated conveyor systems, they offer the full package, everything you need for warehousing.

Introduction to RWMS

Mastergrip®: Showpiece of modern warehousing

The Mastergrip® roll crane embodies all elements of efficiency, safety and sustainability.


  • No hydraulics
  • Electrically driven
  • Tiny power consumption equaling less than 10% of traditional equipment
  • Gripper weighs considerably less than conventional products
  • Optimized power transmission


  • Owing to low body height and excellent net weight ratio, existing lifters may be replaced without the need to change the crane. The lower frame also facilitates higher roll piles.
  • Practically no limit for load, width or roll diameter: even narrow roll handling and jumbo roll handling possible
  • Rolls can be handled in sets
  • Both wrapped and unwrapped rolls can be handled
  • Adaptable for any material: paper, board, tissue
  • Fits any material regardless of porosity or roll end quality
  • No roll deformation: Gripping force 70 % less than in clamp truck handling


  • Lasting grip even during power cuts
  • No need for power back up arrangements
  • Gripping force measured by load pin sensors
  • Object detectors for collision preventions
  • Low maintenance

Our products

Core Handling & Roll Splitting 

Market-leading accuracy / Recycling made operator-friendly

Winders & Rewinders 

WindMaster by Raumaster Paper / Tiny footprint with high convertibility

Coating & Laminating Lines 

Full-scale roll coating and laminating lines