Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of all our stakeholders are always our main perspective. Every step of the delivery process is planned to ensure safe operation of equipment and processes. Risk analysis are done bearing in mind our own personnel as well as that of our clients and partners. Our Health & Safety management system is certified (read more >>).

We enhance safety by the following operational principles:

  • Products delivered with complete safety systems

    Our products are delivered with complete safety systems keeping in mind local regulations as well as site and customer-specific demands. State-of-the-art safety equipment and full automation facilitate the highest degree of safety. Operator-friendly interfaces guarantee functionality and usability.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments

    Our system-specific risk assessments keep in mind the specific requirements of each location and work site. Cross-disciplinary safety reviews are done at multiple stages of the delivery process. Experience-based product development takes into account our own as well as client observations.

  • High level of automation

    The fewer manual work steps, the higher grade of work safety. Full automation means that operator tasks can be performed in the safest possible way. Our fully automated systems feature user-friendly operator interfaces and smooth mill system links. Read more on our exceptional broad automation knowhow.

  • Training and long-term support

    We make sure, our clients are able to operate our systems safely at every stage of their lifecycle. Trainings at delivery and during commissioning are enhanced by practical support through our specialists. Service partnership and other long-term support help you to get the best out of your product (read more >>).

  • Highly skilled and motivated personnel

    Motivation and skill are a result of occupational well-being. Raumaster is known for taking good care of its employees. Social responsibility and family-oriented management have made us a wanted employer. Professional and dedicated personnel will always promote also the health and well-being of our clients and other partners.

  • Employee participation and transparency

    A good safety culture is the result of cooperation inside and outside the organization. Good reporting mechanisms and an open atmosphere encourage participation. Our personnel is used to changing site and customer requirements and sensitive to adopt local practices. Risk assessments are done using our mobile app to ensure tracebility.

Raumaster Paper automation engineer Harri Honkanen completing a personal risk assessment on site.

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