Rebuilds & Modernization

Keeping the pace

Renewed core and end gluing as a part of control system, set change and safety upgrade.

Paper finishing equipment are long time investments designed to operate profitably even over decades. Thorough maintenance is required to preserve functionality, but every now and then, to keep pace with evolution, updates to the existing equipment are needed. Modernizations and rebuilds enable mills to increase productivity and efficiency and – as its best – achieve significant capacity increase.

Raumaster Paper has considerable experience in modernization works. Our expertise covers the whole paper finishing product assortment, irrespective of their original manufacturer. Thanks to our own comprehensive product offering we are able to deliver solutions beneficial for your entire paper finishing process. Please see product and automation pages for possibilities. Read more >>

We offer:

  • partial or entire system rebuilds incl. engineering
  • integration of new equipment (mechanical and automation)
  • safety upgrades
  • increase of level of automation
  • optimization of processes and capacity
  • removal of bottlenecks and sources of roll defects
  • system and product adaption (eg. growing roll size)

Please see our Service -page for more information on mill audits, equipment management and life cycle expansion. Read more >>

Automation upgrades enhance usability and safety.

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