Skilled personnel and reliable customer support will extend your equipment lifecycle.

Lifecycle partnership

Successful equipment delivery is only the beginning. To help our customers get the best out of our products, we remain at their service with any kind of assistance needed: technical and operational support, trainings, regular service visits or complete cooperation programs meeting the requirements of each customer. Extension and optimization of the lifecycle of your product is our main objective.

The cornerstones of Raumaster Paper Customer Care are:

  • Tailored service partnership
  • Mill audits
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • IoT data mining systems
  • Upgrades and retrofit programs

Mill audits provide valuable insight

Process and equipment audits by specialists give valuable insight on condition and possibilities of a system. Our experts perform mechanical assessments of individual equipment as well as functional assessments of the whole production process.

Our mill audit offering covers

  • components management
  • HW control and modernisation
  • safety upgrades
  • optimization of processes and capacity
  • removal of bottlenecks and roll defects
  • system or product adaption (eg. growing roll size)
  • innovative methods and tools for retrofits

OEM- Improved equipment performance

OEM spare parts management improves equipment performance and extends their lifecycle. Providing correct parts, dedicated and skilled maintenance work and remote customer support, OEM assures smooth and reliable preventative maintenance and rapid problem solving. In combination with service agreements, Raumaster Paper is able to add the value to your business you strive for.

Raumaster Paper OEM spare parts management offers

  • OEM spare parts with guaranteed availability for Raumaster Paper equipment
  • shortened repair times with preassembled replacement parts
  • replacement of all types of slat conveyor chains regardless of the original supplier
  • service packages incl. parts, installation and tuning
  • training and guidance for prolific spare parts acquisitions (assessment of needs, inspections, spare part recommendations)

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