Upload a job application

For job applicant

Before sending the job application and its attachments please read the following text and give your acquiescence for us to deal with your personal information you provide to us.

Handling and storing of the applicant’s personal information

Personal information

Personal information means information that describes persons individual attributes. This information is combination of name, phone number, address, email or any other information that applicant has given during recruiting process.

Data content of recruiting portal

In the recruiting portal applicant fills his/her personal information. After filling the form applicant can upload application letter with attachments into the portal. Privacy policy statement concerning to recruiting process data repository can be found here.

Handling of information

Job applications sent through recruiting portal are moved automatically to corporate’s internal human resources department’s information system. Applications and attachments are only handled by employees working with recruiting process and applications are removed from system after six months. Human resources department will inform applicants about the result of the process.


According to GDPR, applicant must give his/her approval for register’s administrator to collect, handle and save applicant’s personal information. Raumaster is register’s owner by maintaining recruiting portal for corporate’s open positions and for that reason collects job applicant’s personal information, job applications and related attachments.

By clicking the I approve Terms at the end of the application form, applicant gives approval to Raumaster to handle his/her personal information which is related to application. Applicants approval is registered to applications metadata.

Correcting applications details or cancelling approval

Applicant can change and correct applications details, send additional attachments or cancel given approval to handle personal information by sending email to rekry@raumaster.fi.