Recruiting process privacy policy statement

Recruiting process privacy policy statement

Finnish legislation law henkilötietolaki (523/1999) 10§ and 24§
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) article 30

1. Registrar

Name (business ID)

Raumaster Oy


Nortamonkatu 34, 26100 RAUMA

Additional contact information (for ex. phonenumber, email)

02 837 741

2. Point of contact


Paula Suominen


Nortamonkatu 34, 26100 RAUMA

Additional contact information (for ex. phonenumber, email)

3. Name of the register

Recruiting process vaults.

4. Principle to maintain register

Raumaster Group’s recruiting process is meant to maintain job application details and attachments associated to former applications during selecting and recruiting new employees. Job applicant will be generated to data strorage system. Hired employee’s details and documents are maintained.

5. Data content of the register

Register contains job applicant’s form, applicant’s metadata and application’s attachments. After sending the application to Raumaster Group, information is moved to document management system. There will be a log file on the server containing information about job applicant’s metadata. Document management system contains personal details and person’s job application.

6. Origins of the information

Information job applicant has send by recruiting portal.

7. Assignment of information

There are no assignments of information from document management system or file server.

8. Interchange of information outside of EU

Information is not moved outside of EU or ETA countries.

9. Principles to protect information

A. Manual material

There is not.

B. Computer handled information

Information system is meant to be used in Raumaster Group’s recruiting process and it is used in internet. Servers are in closed environment and access is granted only by IT-administrators. Copies are made daily.

Human resources department’s data storage’s access is only granted to people who work with recruiting process and systems administrators. All users of the storage are inside of obligation of confidentiality. Personal details are confidential.

10. Right to inspection

According to finnish legislation law henkilötietolaki 26-28§ job applicant has right to audit the information Raumaster Group has collected during recruiting process. The inspection request must include details to find necessary information and it should be sent to Reasonable price will be charged if less than one year has elapsed since the previous audit.

11. Right to overhaul

Job applicant can update application details when open applied position is still open according to finnish legislation law henkilötietolaki 29§ by contacting

12. Additional rights related to handling of personal details

Register is not used in direct marketing. Rejected job applications are stored with attachments for six months before deletion.