Roll handling and wrapping equipment to the factory of MM Kotkamills in less than a year

Raumaster Paper Oy supplied roll handling and roll wrapping systems to MM Kotkamills’ factory. The successful scheduling of the extensive project in the current global situation required the right kind of resource allocation and smooth operation in all areas.

The project implemented at the Kotka factory in May 2022 covers the roll handling equipment from the upper machine level to the vertical conveyor leading to the lower level, as well as the lower level roll handling line, where paper rolls are transported towards the wrapping line via conveyor lines.

A fully automated wrapping line was also built at the factory, with a capacity of approximately 100 rolls per hour. After wrapping, the rolls are labeled and marked, then lifted upright with an up-ender and transferred with storage conveyors to the storage for retrieval by forklifts.

“This project included a diverse range of product families. Primarily, these are so-called standard products, but of course, various factory-specific and customized solutions are always made”, says Matias Lehtinen, who was responsible for the project at Raumaster Paper Oy.

"We had the right and experienced resources in the right place at the right time."

The project for Raumaster Paper began in June 2021, the completed equipment was delivered, and the line was started in May 2022. The extensive project was completed in less than a year from the kickoff meeting. Staying on schedule required excellent project management in designing, manufacturing, assembly, FAT tests, on site installations and commissioning.

“We had the right and experienced resources in the right place at the right time. The project progressed and was completed without major challenges. Succeeding with our schedule in this global situation, where there have been availability issues with e.g. electrical components, was important to us.”

“We worked actively with electrical automation component suppliers to ensure that all necessary components were obtained on schedule. The collaboration was smooth throughout the project, both from our project team and on the customer’s side.”

Time for big investments – collaboration continues

MM Kotkamills’ investment director Jan Lousa estimates that Raumaster Paper’s delivery accounted for approximately 90 percent of the total equipment deliveries for the entire project. The investment decision was made in April 2021, and the project was initiated in May of the same year.

“Supplier selection is heavily influenced by delivery timelines and pricing, but the way contract negotiations went with Raumaster Paper also had a big impact. Pekka Leino and Kaarlo Talvinen were actively involved. It’s rare to reach such an easy agreement on contract technicalities”, Lousa explains.

“In hindsight, it can be said that Raumaster’s equipment looks good and has a sturdy and solid structure. The delivery times were successful due to the good cooperation between the main equipment supplier, the builder, and us.”

"Everything went as well as possible, so we are extremely satisfied. Our cooperation with Raumaster Paper continues."

A significant part of the project was the new facility for the modern roll wrapping line. Lousa emphasizes that it is often challenging to build and integrate something entirely new to an old factory. However, everything went according to plan.

“The elements were slightly delayed, but that was not the supplier’s fault, and we were able to resolve the issue amicably. We adjusted our own timelines slightly and managed to get everything back on track. We completed everything within the agreed timeline.”

“Everything went as well as possible, so we are extremely satisfied. Our cooperation with Raumaster Paper continues. Another company within the same group, Raumaster Oy, has been involved in the replacement of chip and fines screening at MM Kotkamills. The screenings were put into operation in October 2023. This strongly indicates how satisfied we are with the quality, price and ease”, Lousa says.