Raumaster Paper improves Safety Level Classification

Raumaster affiliate Raumaster Paper succeeded to upgrade its occupational safety level classification awarded by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on April 12th. In the Zero Accident Forum of the Institute, Raumaster Paper succeeded to improve from a 3rd level classification to 2nd level - Approaching World’s Forefront.

The Zero Accident Forum Nollis was established in 2003 by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to support work safety programs and promote safety culture in national business. The forum has 450 member businesses, out of which 87 applicated for a safety level classification this year. Raumaster and Raumaster Paper have been members for several years.

Handling of safety issues belongs to our daily routines, in engineering as well as on site. We are working hard to make it the priority of every related decision we make. For suppliers like us the additional challenge is to always keep in mind 3 perspectives: clients´ safety, subcontractors and that of our own personnel. We want to be a leading safety promoter, states Managing Director Pekka Leino.