Raumaster group invests in safety

Raumaster affiliate Raumaster Paper was awarded an occupational safety level classification by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health beginning this year. Among 92 national companies subscribed in the Zero Accident Forum of the Institute, Raumaster Paper was ranked on level 3 - Heading for the World’s Forefront.

The Raumaster affiliate started paying increasing attention to occupational health and safety issues with its ISO 45001 certification last summer. One of the developments has been the introduction of an electronic recording system for personal risk assessments. Personnel are requested to complete their site and workshop assessments by cell phone application that feeds the data into the company information management system and saves it automatically to the correct project. Missing or incorrect data results into an electronic task to the relevant project or process manager.

“We have adopted the good practices of our parent company and optimized them with the help of our in-house IT”, states QMH Manager Tanja Ufer. “Our current site safety management has been built on the basis of Raumaster´s HSE-plan and personal risk assessment notebooks.”

The Zero Accident Forum has awarded occupational safety level classifications for 2018 achievements to 78 companies in Finland. The award is given to member workplaces, that have invested in the continuous improvement of occupational safety. The classification criteria have been developed together with the member companies and comprise, eg., frequency and severity of accidents. Reporting and investigation systems are also a prerequisite for classification.