Paperi ja Puu: Uutta teknologiaa kantotelaleikkuriin / New generation two-drum winder

Julkaistu toukokuu 2020, kirjoittaja Ville Vuori / Leif Lindberg.

New generation two-drum winder

Winders are integral parts of paper lines. Their flawless and reliable functioning are crucial for the production process of the entire mill.

But this is not the only challenge suppliers have to conquer: ”Projects are delivered with ever shorter schedules. At the same time, we are dealing increasingly with modernizations of existing lines rather than greenfield projects. Also, production processes are working at even faster hourly roll rate and are getting more sophisticated in their automation”, states Ville Vuori, Project Manager at Raumaster Paper Oy.

Raumaster Paper resolves these challenges with their new, modular Windmaster -concept. Without negative influence on delivery schedules, Windmaster offers high adaptability for clients´ various requirements. This refers not only to todays´ mill-specific needs, but also the change of requirements over time, since all optional equipment can be integrated later on in terms of rebuilds or modernization.

”The level of automation is already high in the Windmaster product family, but thanks to its modularity, additional equipment and functions can be integrated easily. Such are, eg., automatic splicing, spool storage, automatic spool return and gluing applications. As its best, the winder is equipped with automated core feeding, slitting station, threading and set changes. This not only releases work force to other mill processes, but enhances safety, too, since operators do not have to handle so many manual work steps anymore.”

“Above that, Windmaster user interfaces offer easy access to essential winder configurations and diagnostical tools, thanks to which we have been able to considerably shorten set change times”, Ville Vuori points out.

Extract from Paperi ja Puu -article, May 2020, authors Ville Vuori and Leif Lindberg, edited & translated Tanja Ufer