Major new contracts for Raumaster and Raumaster Paper at Metsä Fibre Kemi new bioproduct mill

Raumaster Oy and Raumaster Paper Oy have signed major contracts to deliver process machinery to Metsä Group’s Metsä Fibre Kemi new bioproduct mill in Northern Finland.

Raumaster Oy delivers significant share of wood chip and bark handling area machinery as well as conveyor systems for gasifier and recovery boiler and main part of lime, caustic sludge and causticizing conveyors. Raumaster Paper Oy delivers automatic pulp bale unloading and loading systems for Kemi Ajos harbour. Degree of Finnish origin for these deliveries is ca. 70 %.

When commissioned in second half of 2023, Metsä Fibre Kemi new bioproduct mill will be the most efficient and productive wood processing plant in Northern Hemisphere. The Kemi bioproduct mill will be the global leader in environmental, energy and material efficiency.

“Raumaster and Raumaster Paper are pleased about the opportunity to participate in an important Finnish project such as this. Raumaster’s solid insight into customer needs, as well as its machinery and process competence and reputation as a reliable Finnish machinery supplier and partner helped it secure the agreement. The value of the deliveries and the contribution to employment in design, production and installations are significant to both companies”, state Petri Lounasaho, Manager, Wood handling Division, Raumaster Oy, and Pekka Leino, CEO, Raumaster Paper Oy, with one voice.

“We have set high targets for the material, energy and environmental efficiency for the Kemi bioproduct mill. Only the best available technique is being procured for the mill. This is why we require our partners to supply technically reliable solutions and have understanding of our production needs. The solutions provided by Raumaster Oy and Raumaster Paper Oy meet these requirements. We are well positioned to build together an efficient and reliable bioproduct mill in Kemi,” says Jari-Pekka Johansson, Director of the bioproduct mill project at Metsä Fibre.

As an independent internal development project, Raumaster is investing in its’ Sampaanala workshop in Rauma. This project will improve competitiveness of the workshop. Based on the contract with City of Rauma, the workshop and warehouse lot is expanded which provides additional storage areas and room for further workshop investments, allowing also improvement of the functionality of the area.

“All mentioned contracts and projects are important for Raumaster and Raumaster Paper. They reflect high customer confidence for Raumaster’s competence manufacture and supply machinery and processes for demanding targets with high availability and excellent run over the planned lifecycle. Sustainability, environmental efficiency and environmental friendliness are essential part our total delivery”, says Raumaster’s CEO Kari Pasanen and continues, “by investing in Rauma workshop we secure our competitiveness and sustainable operations”.

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