Raumaster Paper as an employer

Raumaster Paper Oy manufactures roll handling systems and winders for the needs of paper industry around the world. Our headquarters are located in Rauma, and in addition we have an assembly hall in Pori and a branch office in Valkeakoski. The company has been part of the Raumaster Group since 2003.

Demanding and rewarding

Our employees work in diverse tasks, and at the moment we employ around 50 people in every career stage – from students and newly graduated engineers to seasoned veterans. Flexibility and the will to develop in their field are qualities we expect from our employees. Our staff is committed to our business and works as a team. The level of challenge is in employee’s hand and the job description is tailored together to meet employee’s motivation.

Constantly evolving

We are constantly looking for more experts to join us – whether they are just starting their careers or have already gained experience elsewhere. We have actively focused on transferring knowledge from veterans to novices in recent years.

Supportive and committed

Helping our employees to develop both personally and professionally and providing opportunities for career progression is important to us. That is why we foster lifelong learning and encourage our employees to educate themselves.

Join our team

Interested in becoming part of our success? Check out our open positions or send your open application and CV using the application form found on the Upload a job application page. We look forward to hearing from you!